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Every business should have a CIO


The Managed Technology Agreement

Our Managed Technology Agreement program offers your company preventative maintenance and general technical consulting services. 

Dedicated Technician

Your business is assigned one technician from our team of technicians that best fits your needs. 


This unique process ensures continuity with how your systems are maintained and efficiency with your support, ultimately saving your business time and money.

1 Hour Response Time

Time is of the essence, and we understand that.

We commonly receive new clients from businesses who are not receiving service in a reasonable time frame. ShareVista guarantees a 1 hour response time to service calls for critical client problems.

On-site Consulting

When you need our assistance, we come to you.

For sake of efficiency, we will handle your issues remotely if possible, but if at all necessary, we will come onsite without delay to resolve problems that require it.  In addition, if desired, we will come onsite monthly to discuss your needs, projects, and technology concerns.

Security Monitoring

New viruses intend to harm your information are

created daily. 

As part of the Managed Technology Agreement, our consulting team will constantly monitor any alerts for threats and consult about optimal protective solutions


Before entering into a Managed Technology Agreement with ShareVista,

we conduct a discovery to assess your current hardware, software,

and infrastructure needs with the following steps.

How should your information systems be designed?

What products and solutions will most effectively meet your needs?

What needs to be

maintained and monitored

to ensure continuity.


Below is a sampling of industries currently utilizing our Service Level Agreement and the specialized support provided. 

Industrial Construction

Key Support Item: Creation of the vital infrastructure for multiple servers; including the disaster recovery systems


Key Support Item: Installation of their current phone system with connectivity for multiple locations


Key Support Item: Upgrade and replacement of both PCs and Macintosh computers for performance and standardization


Key Support Item: Upgrade and replacement of both PCs and Macintosh computers for performance and standardization

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