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Custom business optimization

Programming Services

Our programming department can develop and implement custom applications to fit your business needs. 

Web Programming

  • Web applications

  • Customizable applications

Knowledge: Angular 1 & 2,, PHP, API

Desktop Programming

  • SQL or Web Services-based programming

  • Internal-based programming

Knowledge: WPF

Enterprise Systems

We have the ability to develop software applications that have cross-organizational capabilities as opposed to department or group-specific programs.


These applications allow for collaboration and communication across the organization through collection of data that is accessible and usable by multiple departments.

Mobile Applications

Allow us to collaborate on custom software applications designed to function across multiple mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

Contact - Services

Based on current Microsoft .NET technology, this software runs as an application through a single-page dashboard. In order to store the data, it connects on the back-end to the latest Microsoft SQL Server technology.


Maintain contact information with multiple addresses

Retain credential information that includes type, status, and effective dates

Display enforcement information that includes parties involved, case offices, actions, and issues

Track fees and payments, manage license renewals, and calculate user batches

Shows education requirements for licensees and insures fulfillment

Application Spotlight

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