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6 Reasons to Move Email to the Cloud

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

There's a ton of information about the benefits of moving your email to the cloud. We've broken it down for you with our ranking of the 6 best reasons to move your email to the cloud.

Cost Savings

Arguably, the most important factors for businesses when making decisions is price. Contrary to popular belief, cloud email solutions are much cost-effective than in-house email solutions. For one, by moving to a cloud-based email solution you eliminate the costs of hardware and the manpower needed to support it. Additionally, you avoid having to pay lump sums for licensing as most cloud providers allow you to enter into a monthly plan.


Recovery from outages and disasters can’t always be guaranteed with on-premise email. However, cloud email solutions are guaranteed to be backed up by Microsoft and are often stored in data centers housed in more temperate regions.


Following up with the last benefit mentioned, because cloud email solutions are often housed and supported in data centers in more temperate regions, you’re almost always likely to avoid downtime.


When cloud solutions were first introduced, businesses were initially skeptical about the perceived lack of security involved; opening their business up to malware, spam, and phishing attempts.

However, it has been proven through the years that cloud solutions tend to be the most secure and reliable through the tremendous amounts of support to which service providers have access.


So much of today’s workforce depends on the ability to access their information remotely. Because cloud email solutions are housed in global data centers, your employees will be able to access their information from anywhere in the world.


Cloud email solutions are scalable, both vertically and horizontally. This makes the solution highly beneficial for businesses interested in growth. Outright purchasing hardware limits your ability to grow with larger incurred costs.

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